Ring Size Chart Page


To find the right size for your next Almog ring, you can::

  • Use the printable tool.
  • Use the measurement guide.

Select your preferred method below and follow each steps to find your size.


Almog has created this printable size tool to help you determine the right size for you.

1. Download the printable tool here and then print it out.

Click here to download

2. Follow the instructions on the printable tool to determine your size. If you have to decide between two sizes, Almog recommends choosing the larger size.


1. To do this, place a thread or ribbon around your finger where you want to wear the ring later. To ensure that your ring fits comfortably, it is helpful to also measure the circumference of the finger joint and adjust the measurement accordingly.

2. Use a pen to mark the appropriate point on the thread or tape.

3. Then measure this length with a ruler in millimeters (recommended).

4. Use the size chart at the bottom of this page. In the first column called "Finger Circumference in MM" look for the size you found with the tool to find the correct size


  • Measure your finger in the evening.
  • Do not measure your finger in hot or cold temperatures.
  • Remember that there is a slight size difference between your two hands.
  • Make sure the ring size you choose is large enough to easily slide the ring down the length of your finger.


Click here to download